The Purpose of 1ofUS

"1ofUs" is a conservative website, where a novice blogger attempts to make sense of the U. S. political landscape through a Judeo Christian conservative world view. The Bible says to occupy until HE comes(1). So this is what I am convinced I need to do to fullfill that request.

The whole point of conservatism, in this country, is that in order to be that "shining city on the hill"(2), you must offer a better way. 1ofUs was created to offer an advertisement free readable framework to enable people to understand that better way.

A better way is important, because, in the Old Testament of the Bible, the writer of Proverbs penned these words coming from God: "Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people." ((3)Proverbs 14:34, KJV)

To be "righteous", people need to know God and what He expects of them. Conservatism suggests that "right living" is loving God with all your heart, mind, soul and body and loving your fellow man, like you love yourself. In order to live that life, we offer perspectives on what we call the seven pillars of a Judeo/Christian world view.


1ofUs supports "Freedom of Religion". Ultimately it is up to the people to choose where they place their faith and to decide if they trust in their idea of what happens to a person's consciousness (soul), when they pass from this life to the next. No state actor should ever place themselves in the position of dictating an individual's right to live out their beliefs. We trust in the first amendment to protect us from government interference. It wasn't intended to be flipped the other way.


We believe that a man and a woman as parents, are the way "family" works best. Are there other variants? Sure. But a Father and a Mother, married, with the children of their marriage, is the ideal.


Patriotism is the life blood of belonging. Belonging is essential to identity. Identity is essential to vision - without a vision, the people perish. (Proverbs 29:18 1611 KJV)


Friendships are key to unity and strength. Without your friends, you are a ship under your own power. When the storms come, its family, and our friends who are there to help us. If patriotism is the life-blood of belonging, then friendships are the cords that strengthen our approach to the world around us. Ecc. 4:12 (1611 KJV)


We believe that freedom enables us to live out truth in life. Freedom lets me do or say pretty much anything I want. It also enables others to respond to my behavior and deliver feedback. Freedom teaches that feedback is essential for growth.


We trust government to basically provide for three things: 1) Security; 2) Safety; and 3) Justice. Three things we all benefit from and should all pay for. Everything else, should be done by private citizens.


When a single person harms themselves with a hurtful approach towards living, society has no shortage of critics willing to steer that person in a better direction. When a group of people begin to harm themselves with a similar bent, society forms a a barrier, protecting itself from harm while they deliver corse corrections. However, when a whole society looses it's way, then who's to show them how to avoid what inevitably comes next; the prophets and the hearalds or widows and the orphans.

Conservatism suggests that the key to a society's survival and prosperity does not rest with the collective will of the stronger, richer or more powerful. Conservatism calls for each man, woman and child to own the ground God gave them to walk on, enjoy it, be fruitful with it, then go into the next life, leaving it better off than when you found it.


(1)The 1611 King James version of the Bible.
(2)President of the united states, Ronald Reagan in his farewell address. 1/1/1989
(3)The Old Testament of the Bible, the Book of Proverbs.